TWICE Jungyeon, ‘I’ll Come Back From The Jungle Safely’



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Article: ‘Muscle Queen’ Insooni and Jungyeon take the final win, a new generation of healthy beauty opened

1. [+1,683, -155] This show is such great eye candy, I loved it

2. [+1,373, -120] Now this is what I call money put to good use

3. [+1,145, -122] Jungyeon’s pretty… and I can’t believe Insooni-nim has that amazing body at her age

4. [+1,075, -133] Great job, Jungyeon-ah~ such great chemistry with Insooni-nim!

5. [+296, -60] I hate how people are hypocritical in that they’ll shout for joy when a man takes his top off but a woman showing a bit of skin is suddenly selling her sex as a product

Source: X Sports News via Naver

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‘We are going on a Trip’ Gong Seungyeon – Jeongyeon, Elegant Sisters



(+1810, -122) Jeongyeon has that special aura and i heard that her body ratio is totally awesome. Her face, her body ratio and bodyline are at a model’s class
(+1760,  -206) I thought Nayeon and Tyuzu were the prettiest but Jeongyeon is the best in real life
(+1105, -73) Their genes are extraordinary. They’re both pretty.
(+895,-66) Our queens, Your Highness, please comeback safely.
 translated by jypwhispers