TWICE Who Became the Star, Tell Them We’ve Hit Daebak [2015 Music Industry Evaluation②]

A scary rookie group entered the scene. There wasn’t even a really fancy promotion, nor any shocking incident, but they rose and became the ‘Scary Rookie’ ever since their debut album. We are talking about JYP Entertainment’s girl group TWICE.

TWICE members’ names became first known to the public via cable channel Mnet’s ‘Sixteen’. The program received attention as a survival that would choose the members for JYP’s new girl group since 5 years after Wonder Girls and miss A. Every episode became the talk of the town with Park Jinyoung’s realistic and cruel comments.

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  • jeon**** (+1592, -180)
    there was that girl in twice who had short hair, so it was her! She’s so pretty and the more I look at her, the more charming she gets !!ㅎㅎ
  • suky**** (+1049, -153)
    she’s reallyu lovingly-pretty♥

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