TWICE’s Jungyeon declares her newfound love for venison |

TWICE’s Jungyeon declares her newfound love for venison

via TWICE’s Jungyeon declares her newfound love for venison |

TWICE were the guests on the June 13 airing of ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,’ talking about a great many topics with the DJ.
Choi Hwa Jung asked Jungyeon, “I heard you were on ‘Laws of the Jungle.’ Do they really not give you food, and do you have to provide for yourself?

Jungyeon replied, “They don’t give you food. We either had to catch some game or gather the [ingredients for food] ourselves. But I ate really well. Kim Byung Man was good at catching [game] so I got to eat to my heart’s content.”


The idol added, “If [the food] is not good, you tend to avoid eating it but because I was hungry and had to survive, I ended up eating everything. Among the things I ate, I enjoyed venison the most. Though it wasn’t salted, it was delicious.”

Sounds like Jungyeon is a big fan of deer meat now!


Article: ‘Muscle Queen’ Insooni and Jungyeon take the final win, a new generation of healthy beauty opened

1. [+1,683, -155] This show is such great eye candy, I loved it

2. [+1,373, -120] Now this is what I call money put to good use

3. [+1,145, -122] Jungyeon’s pretty… and I can’t believe Insooni-nim has that amazing body at her age

4. [+1,075, -133] Great job, Jungyeon-ah~ such great chemistry with Insooni-nim!

5. [+296, -60] I hate how people are hypocritical in that they’ll shout for joy when a man takes his top off but a woman showing a bit of skin is suddenly selling her sex as a product

Source: X Sports News via Naver

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‘We are going on a Trip’ Gong Seungyeon – Jeongyeon, Elegant Sisters



(+1810, -122) Jeongyeon has that special aura and i heard that her body ratio is totally awesome. Her face, her body ratio and bodyline are at a model’s class
(+1760,  -206) I thought Nayeon and Tyuzu were the prettiest but Jeongyeon is the best in real life
(+1105, -73) Their genes are extraordinary. They’re both pretty.
(+895,-66) Our queens, Your Highness, please comeback safely.
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