Gong Seungyeon & TWICE’s Jeongyeon featured in Vogue Taiwan as Korea’s Ent Industry Siblings


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Article: ‘Muscle Queen’ Insooni and Jungyeon take the final win, a new generation of healthy beauty opened

1. [+1,683, -155] This show is such great eye candy, I loved it

2. [+1,373, -120] Now this is what I call money put to good use

3. [+1,145, -122] Jungyeon’s pretty… and I can’t believe Insooni-nim has that amazing body at her age

4. [+1,075, -133] Great job, Jungyeon-ah~ such great chemistry with Insooni-nim!

5. [+296, -60] I hate how people are hypocritical in that they’ll shout for joy when a man takes his top off but a woman showing a bit of skin is suddenly selling her sex as a product

Source: X Sports News via Naver

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[GUIDEBOOK ON BECOMING A FAN] TWICE, Rookie Girl Group that We Definitely Will Like

Who’s the recent hottest group among the fans of girl groups?
If we have to point it out, then it must be JYP’s new flower garden, TWICE who are also called as “Teudongie”. The size of their fandom has been growing scarily like popcorn even though it has only been a month since their debut. And the song that was once off the chart is climbing back onto the chart. Their debut tittle song’s music video has more than 14 million views already. [T/N: they’ve recently surpass 17 million views]
What is the reason that people pay their attention on TWICE among so many rookie girl groups? And from where does one has to start if he/she wants to become a fan?

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TWICE Who Became the Star, Tell Them We’ve Hit Daebak [2015 Music Industry Evaluation②]

A scary rookie group entered the scene. There wasn’t even a really fancy promotion, nor any shocking incident, but they rose and became the ‘Scary Rookie’ ever since their debut album. We are talking about JYP Entertainment’s girl group TWICE.

TWICE members’ names became first known to the public via cable channel Mnet’s ‘Sixteen’. The program received attention as a survival that would choose the members for JYP’s new girl group since 5 years after Wonder Girls and miss A. Every episode became the talk of the town with Park Jinyoung’s realistic and cruel comments.

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