Fun Facts



  1. Habit: Writing impressions, imitating members
  2. Things she likes: “It always changes! I’m the style to focus on only one thing when I like it. Right now, I’m into video-calls, so I video-call my friends.” (during Sixteen)
  3. Fashion Style: “I don’t exactly have a style but I’m into long cardigan these days, I also like wearing jeans. Since I dance a lot, whenever I go shopping, I look at training pants first.” (during Sixteen)
  4. Favorite music: “I don’t have a favorite music genre. When I like a song, I only listen to that song. My current Favorite songs are Davichi’s Two lovers and Ban Gwang Ok’s Always and Forever^^ “ (during Sixteen)
  5. Recent Interest: “After we were revealed in the press conference, I have been reading a lot of comments.” (during Sixteen)
    Recent News that “dropped your heart”: “It’s not news though… JYP PD-nim?
  6. Whenever PD-nim judges us, my heart drops. My heart literally drops!” (during Sixteen)
  7. Likes: Nanoblocks and Legos (revealed during Fansigns)
  8. Favorite Drink: Americano (revealed during Fansigns)
  9. Favorite Food: Ddeokkbokki, meat, seasoned potatoes balls, Korean food, Golbaengi muchim (revealed during Fansigns)
  10. Disliked Food: Lotus root (revealed during Fansigns)
  11. Baskin’ Robbins preference: Likes everything (revealed during Fansigns)
  12. Wants to do: a make up/skin commercial (revealed during Fansigns)
  13. In charge of: No jam and charisma (Twice TV2 profile info)
  14. Favorite food: Meat, seasoned raddish (Twice TV2 profile info)
  15. Most proud of: Feet, teeth (Twice TV2 profile info)
  16. What she wants to be if reborn: A girl who doesn’t gain weight (Twice TV2 profile info)
  17. What she does to relieve stress: Eat a lot (Twice TV2 profile info)
  18. What she says when she looks in the mirror: You’re so cute ~~ (Twice TV2 profile info)
  19. Karaoke song: I rarely go to karaoke (Twice TV2 profile info)
  20. What to do if you meet an alien: Do communication like ET (Twice TV2 profile info)
  21. 3 things to bring to a deserted island: Twice members, a ship and ?? (Twice TV2 profile info)
  22. When she is the happiest: After removing contact lenses (Twice TV2 profile info)
  23. Body parts she is most confident in: Teeth and Feet (Twice TV2 profile info)
  24. What she does to lost weight: Clean the dorm (she dislikes exercise) (revealed on TV)
  25. Pre-debut part-time job: She worked at a bakery and at a hotel (#funfacts)
  26. She prefers using body mist rather than perfume (#funfacts)
  27. In her family, she plays the peacekeeper role among her 2 older sisters who fight often. (#funfacts)
  28. She likes the stinging feel after using Listerine when brushing her teeth and gargling. (#funfacts)
  29. She wants to get her driving license at 20 and buy a Range Rover (her dream car) (#funfacts)
  30. To exercise, she likes running and jumping rope (#funfacts)
  31. Jeongyeon got mad at Nayeon because she touched her lego
  32. Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung used to shower together, but one day Chaeyoung said she didn’t want to, so Jeongyeon was upset and said she didn’t want to shower with her either.
  33. The girls voted anonymously for their leader, Jeongyeon came in as 2nd.
  34. Chaeyoung said Jeongyeon is the best in “Push&Pull” relationship.
  35. Mina said Jeongyeon is the prettiest without makeup. She said Jeongyeon look exactly the same with or without makeup.
  36. Nayeon said Jeongyeon has twitter account and sometimes she uses it to lurk on twitter.
  37. During the celebration  of Tzuyu’s birthday in one Fan Meeting Nayeon said that Jeongyeon does not like kissing.
  38. Mina said that although Jeongyeon talks roughly she is very sweet.