​: In one interview you said, “My dream is to try promoting until I feel that my body isn’t my body anymore.” Did that dream come true?

J: I think I really did. (laughs) Physically, of course it was tiring but my dream came true so I’m thankful. When I see my parent’s proud appearance I’m motivated to work harder. I want to be busier and more famous.

: Such a filial daughter. Seems like your parents became a great strength to you.

J: During trainee days, my mom worked near the office so we always meet on the way home and go home together. On hard days, we would eat tteukboki on the street and talk about random things, through crying I relieved my feelings. Those times will remain in my heart.

: Your chemistry with the members stands out. Do you have a method of keeping in touch with others?

J: In the past, I thought negatively and it was difficult. I heard many advices from Jihyo and Nayeon Unnie who lived as trainees the longest. They told me to look positively. While trying to understand other feelings more, I changed my perspective. That’s why I’m really thankful towards my members. 

: While living till now, do you have an unforgettable precious memory?

J: When I was a high school student, I saw a grandmother who collects the abolition of the cart as she walked over the road with cart pulled by a cart taller than her height. Since it was heavy she passed by slowly and cars were honking, so I helped her push the cart together. When the grandama said “you’re a really nice child, thank you so much” I felt really touched. Rather, I was thankful. 

: What has made Jeongyeon’s heart race nowadays?

J: I fee in love with the drama, “VOICE” and just like that it knocked on my heart. It’s so thrilling.

Photos scanned by Jeongyeon’s fansite J’Ace. 

Translation by_Mildang | Jeongyeon International 


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