Q: What do you think is the difference between Christmas before debut and after debut?

A: Although it has no relation with Christmas, recently I saw videos at the time of debut and (we) have become very pretty. (We) lost so much weight, too. We talked this among members a lot. We said each other “You have become prettier”. ^^

Q: What do you want to do in this Christmas?

A: This year (In 2016), Jihyo and I got driving license but we don’t have much driving experience. I will practice more and I want to give members a ride.

Q: Is there any episode you remember about Christmas that you spent when you were young?

A: Our family doesn’t spend Christmas in special way. I think Christmas was not an important day for us. After I had become trainee, I always spent Christmas with Jihyo and Nayeon unnie.

Q: If you could become Santa Claus for one day, what do you want to do?

A: There are many places I want to go. Firstly, I want to go to foreign members’ houses. (Mina: Wow~ it’s Santa Claus!)

Q: If you can recommend fans a movie to watch in Christmas?

A: (You should not stay at home and watch movie and) Firstly, should go outside. If you have to stay at home and watch movie, it will be great to watch movie while lighting fireplace, eating tangerine and staying under blanket. What we want to do? If (we) can go outside, isn’t it enough to spend Christmas by making snowman or playing with friends? When I come to think about it, it’s been a long time since I made snowman. ^^

(T/N: By “isn’t it enough”, I think what Jeongyeon wants to say is “isn’t it how people usually spend?”)

Q: What kind of Christmas present do you want to give to TWICE members?

A: Instead of giving present, it will be great to go outside with members and eat delicious food. ^^

Q: If you were given last free time of this year, the thing you want to do is?

A: Nowadays, internet is so advanced that we can do shopping anywhere. I don’t want to sleep more, too. What should I do?

Q: How did you mostly spend your free time before debut?

A: I watched drama all day and ordered food and ate. ^^

Q: What are the most memorable thing and regretful thing of this year?

A: Although getting first place and received awards are memorable, comeback showcase left deep impression for me. We were able to communicate with fans and it was place where we were able to show our new side. That’s why it is the most memorable thing and I always tears up during showcase. Regretful thing was when I could not do <I’m gonna be a star> stage. I injured my leg and could not do that special stage. I was not able to promote together but I went together with members to schedules. So, I did monitoring for members but I felt very sorry to members because I was not able to stand on stage with them together.

Q: How is <I’m gonna be star> song?

A: I’m ok now. Since members made me do and I listened to it, I think I am ok now. I was really embarrassed at first. (laugh)

Q: Do you have any word to say to yourself who spent 2016 well?

A: There were more regretful things this year. Every time I finish stage and get down, there is regret. I still haven’t felt that I have done perfect stage. Therefore, this point is such a pity. I cannot express (my gratitude) well towards fans. I cannot do straightforward expressions like Dahyunie. I felt shy and could not express much, and I felt very sorry because I could not get close to fans more. So, I hope I can get closer to fans next year. Even though it was pity that I injured my leg, I would like to say thank you to members for working while staying healthy for the whole year!

Q: What is new year aim for 2017?

A: what do I have? Ah, I remember! Next year, I would like to improve my skill and wants to show my improvements in terms of skills.

Q: If you can have one supernatural power, what would you like to have?

A: I want skill where I don’t gain weight no matter how much I eat and I don’t get sick.

Q: You look well with bright color hair. Do you have any hair color or style you want to try next time?

A: Next year (In 2017), I want to grow my hair longer and I want to have bop hair like Chaeyoungie although she put some hair extensions now. Like my hair during SIXTEEN. But since this is short cut, it is too hard to grow long. My hair now is not like straight hair and has many layers so it’s a bit hard but I want to grow longer. 

Q: What about hair color?

A: Fans like my bright hair very much. My hair color becomes brighter while comeback and (I) have become pretty, Like it very much. Fans said these a lot so I want to try different bright hair colors.

Q: Your motto in profile is “Life is choice”. What is the best choice you have ever made?

A: Being a TWICE member was the best choice ever.

Q: What about the worst choice?

A: Playing saxophone during SIXTEEN was the worst choice ever. (Mina: No. Since that existed, (you) have become TWICE) No. There is no relation with that. (laugh) Absolutely no. First episode had nothing to do with elimination.

Q: Since you have elder sisters, did you exchange Christmas gifts with them?

A: I didn’t exchange gifts with my sisters. At that time, I wrote cards and give them to my parents and sisters.



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