Actor Kim Minseok, Gong Seungyeon, TWICE Jeongyeon will quit SBS ‘Inkigayo’.
PD of the show said that Kim Minseok, Gong Seungyeon, Jeongyeon will quit from the program with Inkigayo on 22nd as last broadcast. For past 6 months, 3 people who were chosen as ‘Inkigayo” MC gained attention by showing unbelievable chemistry. Especially, real-life sisters, Gong Seungyeon and Jeongyeon, impressed viewers with cannot-get-better-anymore kind of chemistry.

However, it has become hard to arrange Inkigayo and three’s schedules and results them to quit the program. Currently, production crew is in the middle of discussing about choosing new MC. Inkigayo will decide new MCs before coming-holiday ends with great amount of considerations.

One broadcaster said “It is too bad that we cannot see 3 people’s chemistry more” and “As much as they returned to their respective positions, I will be looking forward to their great activities”.

At the same time, Kim Minseok and Gong Seungyeon decided to focus on their acting career. Kim Minseok will act in SBS new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Defendant’ as a person named Lee Sunggyu while Gong Seungyeon , also as expected, will act in new tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “My Introverted Boss”. Jeongyeon will focus on TWICE activites.

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