[Sports Seoul] “Jungle” energetic Jeongyeon, have you seen a perfect maknae like this?


That day Hyun Jooyup, Joon Park and Kim Byungman went hunting deer to feed the members. It’s recommended to hunt wild deer in New Caledonia.

Byungman team was excited to go hunting wild deer but the agile deer was unable to catch. Byungman took out the arrows but his effort ended in vain since the deer hid their traces.

Coming back empty-handed, the team discovered a deer and narrow the distance. Kim Byungman carefully took out the arrow and shot the deer. After 2 shots, the deer was caught.

With the injury, Jeongyeon came back again on the next day. While resting at the camp base, Jeongyeon cried. Jeongyeon expressed her will to come back and she returned safely to Byungman team.

In the interview, Jeongyeon with a big smile said “I want to help but I couldn’t help… But I’m ok with it”. Seeing Jeongyeon’s return, Byungman was glad and made a crutch from tree for her.

The safely returned Jeongyeon bravely ate deer meat deliciously. Concerning for the other member being exhausted after the hunt, she personally roasted the deer meat for them. After that, when the member was playing basketball, Jeongyeon danced and passionately cheered them up, giving out her bright energy.

Soon Byungman team prepared to go hunting turkey, Jeongyeon was left to look after the ground. In the interview, she said “I’m the type that can’t refrain from breaking the atmosphere” and evoked laughter with her cheerful individual skill. When being alone, Jeongyeon cleaned up the team’s damaged accommodations and thinking about the uncles, she boiled thrifty tea.

Afterwards, Jeongyeon hold the turkey and expressed her happy attitude towards all members’ agitated reaction and trimmed the meat. She could have rejected but Jeongyeon with parents both being chefs decided to actively help David McInnis. Joon Park half joked half scolded David, who was peeling turkey’s skin but Jeongyeon heartwarmingly thanked David.

Wanting to help Byungman team, Jeongyeon, whi just returned with the injury showed enthusiasm with everything. She did not only leave an image with positive and bright energy but also showed her big hearts to the members


Top comments:

[+869,-54] She is kind so she is strong, nice and beautiful… Her figure is good too… Jeongyeon will grow more

[+694,-36] Cute Hahaha. This kid is so nice TT

[+640,-33] Her kind heart makes her pretty

[+594,-38] She is pretty. Really really pretty.

[+549,-45] I have seen her appearance and she is very easy-going

[+139,-14] Her thought of not taking advantage of the surrounding people and saying ok despite having a hard time is very mature. It’s really nice.

Source: Naver |

Translated by Blaster


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