[News1] ‘Laws of the Jungle’ Jeongyeon, positivity that touches the hearts of the uncles + energetic maknae


[News1] ‘Laws of the Jungle’ Jungyeon, positivity that touches the hearts of the uncles + energetic maknae 

Twice’s Jeongyeon is the most loved maknae on “LOTJ in New Caledonia”. Despite the leg injury, Jeongyeon didn’t lose her smile and bright energy, which made not only Byungman team but also the viewers feel heartwarming.

On last night episode, Byungman team went out to prepare for the dinner. Kim Byungman, Han Jaesuk, and Hyun Jooyup went hunting turkey but failed. Having been waiting for forever, Joon Park, Choi Yeojin, and David Lee McInnis were disappointed at the news that they missed the turkey, especially Joon Park. He said out loud “It’s disappointing” causing laughter.

Kim Byungman, Han Jaesuk and Hyun Jooyup went hunting wild deer. Reducing wild deer population, which is natural enemy of ecosystem, the local park held wild deer hunting regularly. Wild deer hearing is sensitive so it was not easy to hunt them but Kim Byungman didn’t give up. Eventually they found a wild deer 10m away and successfully hit it with an arrow.

But they had to turn in the deer and were promised to get just enough in the next morning. Byungman’s hunting skills even surprised the local hunters. They couldn’t hide their admiration “We have learned a lot from his good technique”. Joon Park was the first to proudly congrat Byungman’s success as a “superhero”, which again causing laughter.

Byungman team came back next morning to make barbecue from deer meat. They were extremely hungry due to having 5 shrimps for breakfast. Maknae Jeongyeon also returned to jungle despite the leg injury. Byungman team greatly welcomed Jeongyeon back. Before the deer barbecue prepared by the team, Jeongyeon raised her thumb for the delicious barbecue. Jeongyeon’s happiness brightened up the atmosphere.

The reason for Jeongyeon to return to the jungle was that “I just thought that I wanna help with anything so I returned”. Byungman revealed his love for Jeongyeon: “She is very mature for coming back to see everything was doing properly despite being in pain. It’s good to see her appearance like that.” “I felt thankful for her staying until the end” and “I felt thankful for her showing up with a bright appearance. This pretty kid also has a kind heart.” Han Jaesuk and Choi Yeojin opened up to be touched respectively.

The uncles were worried about maknae without crutches. Kim Byungman immediately made a crutch for Jeongyeon. His handmade crutch is up to his height casuing everyone to laugh. The completed crutch by Byungman caused a dispute among the uncles. They argued about up to which part of Jeongyeon’s injured left leg it should be crutched. Standing in the middle, Jeongyeon didn’t know what to do while the uncles continued arguing they were right until the end. The production team received different identification from the local hospital.

Jeongyeon then saw Byungman team going hunting with upset figures. “I want to go hunting. I hate it when the atmosphere is down.” Jeongyeon said while started packing her luggage. She took care of the bean sprouts and fried tea for the exhausted uncles. After that, Jeongyeon energetically greeted the uncles coming back after successful hunting turkey and the uncles were busy showing off each other’s performance with Jeongyeon.


News 1 – Naver: ‘Laws of the Jungle’ Jungyeon, positivity that touches the hearts of ajaes + energetic maknae 

  1. [+1,464, -74] Her personality is likeable, she’s so cute ㅎㅎㅎ
  2. [+1,116, -67] She even looks gorgeous in the jungle
  3. [+1,006, -69] Jungyeon is so kind ㅎㅎ
  4. [+881, -68] I like how bubbly she is. Twice jjang
  5. [+843, -98] Jungyeon-ah, don’t waste your pretty face ㅜㅠ
  6. [+178, -18] Honestly, it must be because of her girl crush concept but it seems to me that in Twice, she’s the most tenderhearted and emotional, she’s such a kind person. I love you Jungyeon


Herald Pop – Naver: ‘Laws of the Jungle’,  comes back to the jungle ‘shows fighting spirit through injury’

  1. [+344, -25] Pretty Jungyeon ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Be careful and don’t get hurt
  2. [+225, -17] Cheer up!!!!
  3. [+198, -13] Jungyeon is pretty and kind
  4. [+200, -14] Jungyeon nuna, stay safe~ Seeing you smile gives me strength too
  5. [+79, -5] Don’t get hurt Jungyeon-ah, Onces are cheering for you~
  6. [+69, -6] She couldn’t join them with the hunt although she really wanted to go ㅠ

Translation by  Blaster


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