The Reasons Why Public Should Be Attracted To TWICE


1.Although so many singers and groups had comeback,TWICE won many Music shows and seemed to get even stronger until now. Moreover, TWICE broke the longest chart topper on MELON. According to rsults, TWICE surpassed incredible record by staying no.1 for over 500 hours.

2.TWICE 2nd mini album “Page Two” has sold over 120, 00 copies less than a year since their debut, TWICE has already achieved the ultimate girl group dream of breaking into the 100,000 club which usually dominated by boy groups.

3.”Cheer Up” MV got 42 million views on May 7. It is the highest views throughout the first half year. If this trend continues, we anticipate over 100M views within this year. Moreover, TWICE’s “Like Ohh Ahh” is the most viewed Kpop Group debut Music Video on Youtube. This MV also got about 67 million views on May 7, so when add up these two MV’s views is then over 100 million views!

4.According to JYPE, TWICE si receiving Love Calls from so many companies. Less than a year snce TWICE’s debut they got about 17 commercials.

5.TWICE got 10 trophies with “Cheer Up” in a month.

6.According to one of the experts, even if TWICE’s concept is “soft” they steal public’s heart easily. It is amazing. TWICE’s concept is becoming “TWICE”. Another expert said “Although they didn’t have any promotion from abroad, they set a new score and they ahve many Global fans.I expect them to surpass their new score agin if they do overseas promotion and activities”.
translated by:tbansi1020 | source


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