TWICE Who Became the Star, Tell Them We’ve Hit Daebak [2015 Music Industry Evaluation②]

A scary rookie group entered the scene. There wasn’t even a really fancy promotion, nor any shocking incident, but they rose and became the ‘Scary Rookie’ ever since their debut album. We are talking about JYP Entertainment’s girl group TWICE.

TWICE members’ names became first known to the public via cable channel Mnet’s ‘Sixteen’. The program received attention as a survival that would choose the members for JYP’s new girl group since 5 years after Wonder Girls and miss A. Every episode became the talk of the town with Park Jinyoung’s realistic and cruel comments.

As a result, TWICE was settled with 9 members in July. Although there were complications caused by complains on the selection process, JYP put the members into the world relatively quickly. Because of ‘Sixteen’, TWICE was able to gain explosive attention, receiving good result despite the pouring amount of idol groups exisiting.

Even the title track ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’ from their debut album ‘THE STORY BEGINS’ became one of the nominations for #1 on music broadcast program, competing with outstanding sunbaes. Usually debut album holds the role of gaining public recognition and fans, TWICE immediately began their journey to success immediately after they were put into the world.

Not only that, they also gain good results like their song swimming back onto the chart. Different from their rivals whose ranking fall downwards as time goes by, TWICE climbed up the ladder and showed a gradual upturn. In particular, 40000 of their debut album were sold, gaining attention with their success on digital music and album sales.

As expected, the music video of ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’ is also receiving good response. It has 17000000 views, and showed TWICE’s popularity by entering ‘Most Viewed Kpop Muisc Video’ of U.S.A. Billboard as the 2nd.

With such explosive support, TWICE received rookie award on 2015 MAMA just 44 days after debut. They really are worth the name as the best rookie.

TWICE is preparing for their follow-up album right now. They plan to prepare without rest for their new song to continue their popularity for the end of this year till the beginning of next year.

Translated by:jypwhispers

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