TWICE Jungyeon, ‘I’ll Come Back From The Jungle Safely’



1.(+941, -86) Freaking pretty……

2.(+835, -68) She’s pretty even though she just dressed casually……

3.(+749, -59) Short hair suits her well but I want to see her in long hair too. JYP-nim ah, just for once..

4.(+653, -37) Jungyeon ah, don’t get hurt and come back safely

5.(+556, -25) Ah… so she’s leaving. Come back safely and healthily soon^^♡

6.(+336, -14) She’s very easy-goingㅋㅋ But she is shy in front of people she doesn’t know.                           She’s kind though so I like her. TWICE jjang, Yoo Jungyeon jjang




translated by jypwhispers


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