post response: +552

original post: here

  • jeon**** (+1592, -180)
    there was that girl in twice who had short hair, so it was her! She’s so pretty and the more I look at her, the more charming she gets !!ㅎㅎ
  • suky**** (+1049, -153)
    she’s reallyu lovingly-pretty♥

  • rina**** (+715, -81)
    I watched twice before debuting and looked at all the members, but Jungyeon seriously treats all the members well.~~ she’s pretty and has a nice personality, I support Twice Jungyeon ♡
  • shuh****  (+819, -124)
    I like her the most!!!!
  • tore**** (+663, -110)
    I’m going crazy because of Jungyeonieㅠ
  • dmst**** (+376, -32)
    ah this person’s face is being wasted, she should become a facebook star!
    translated by: kkuljaem

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