[GUIDEBOOK ON BECOMING A FAN] TWICE, Rookie Girl Group that We Definitely Will Like

Who’s the recent hottest group among the fans of girl groups?
If we have to point it out, then it must be JYP’s new flower garden, TWICE who are also called as “Teudongie”. The size of their fandom has been growing scarily like popcorn even though it has only been a month since their debut. And the song that was once off the chart is climbing back onto the chart. Their debut tittle song’s music video has more than 14 million views already. [T/N: they’ve recently surpass 17 million views]
What is the reason that people pay their attention on TWICE among so many rookie girl groups? And from where does one has to start if he/she wants to become a fan?


#1. The Beauty that Seems To Be Able To Be Fond Anywhere But Can Never Be Found In Reality
We asked the TWICE fans around us what the reason is that they began to pay attention to TWICE. Though it is vain, “because they’re pretty” is the most received answer. Girl groups are normally all pretty but TWICE has won many praises being a gril group with no ‘visual hole’, and it’s claimed that their average visual is the most outstanding.
Though it is difficult to have a definite comment as preference on appearance is extremely subjective, if we have to explain such claim, TWICE has the style that fits the trend nowadays. Rather than being tall and having a strong facial feature, the trend now focuses on body ratio that matches with harmonious facial feature. TWICE’s visual fits such critieria. They are a team that has what’s said to be common among JYP, a relatively natural charm.
Although they are not the beauties with fancy sculpted ears, eyes, mouth, nose, as they have neat appearances, they give off their own individuality. Their rare beauty is like you thought you could easily find one in school or neighborhood, but when you really try to find, you cannot find one. If you still don’t understand, please have a good look around.
#2. There Must Be One that Is to Your Liking Among Them
TWICE’s main concept is the bright and healthy energy. As we wanted to know the charm of them quickly, we asked JYP Entertainment directly and they said “The charm of each of the 9 of them is different, we hope that you will stay with them for a long time to feel (the charm of) all of them”. As a result, as it’s not fun to just tell you about them, we will dig deep on our own.
With 2 more colors than the 7-colored rainbow, it’s even insufficient to scoop out the charm of TWICE in a week, 7 days. For the readers who might have difficulty in distinguishing them, we prepared photos from their showcase instead of their profile picture. Let’s take a look at them in the order of their age.
#2-1. TWICE’s first impression, 1995-born Nayeon
She’s called as the entrance of TWICE. She has an impression of a rabbit, that’s why photos of her wearing rabbit headband can always be seen. Her trademark is her bright smile which reveals her front teeth, Nayeon is described as someone with freshness like juice as well. She said that her always-smiling face and bright positive energy are her weapons on the showcase.
#2-2. The Part that I’m In Charge Of Now is ‘Girl Crush’, 1996-born Jungyeon
The member who is known with her tomboy hairstyle and her sister Gong Seungyeon. As a contrast to her sister’s innocence, she is in charge of being the team’s ‘girl crush’. She has an impression of having a chic personality and androgynous feeling. Oh and, you might thought her name is Gong Jungyeon as her sister is called Gong Seungyeon, but you’re wrong. In fact, they are the Yu Seungyeon and Yu Jungyeon sisters.
#2-3. Dances So Well that Her Class is Different, 1996-born Momo
1st Japanese member. Her image was ordinary during ‘Sixteen’ but as she debuted, her image has changed along with her now golden hair. The gap between her when dancing and in daily life is her attractiveness. Though it cannot be shown with her gesture in photos, it can be seen how big of a part she is in charge of in dancing in TWICE just by the fact that there’s a individual dance break for her in their debut song.

#2-4. Able to Find a Job Just By Making Vietnamese Ssam on Stage, 1996-born Sana
2nd Japanese member. She is in charge of cuteness with her reversal 4-dimensional personality. As told to show their individuality on ‘Sixteen’, she had the vigor to show how Vietnamese Ssam is made on stage for Park Jinyoung producer. She survived by making Vietnamese SSam cutely without singing even a bit.
#2-5. The Reason Why JYP Casted This Kid 10 Years Ago, 1997-born Jihyo
Famous of being as a 10-year JYP trainee, she is TWICE’s leader and main vocal. In charge of healthy beauty. With stage manner and vocal trained for a long time, her bright facial expression that captures people’s attention is impressive. There were doubt on her not being the eldest (in group) though having 10 years of training, after the video of her JYP audition video during her younger days was revealed, everyone agreed on the early casting of this kid.
#2-6. TWICE’s ‘Final Round Boss’ of Aura, 1997-born Mina
3rd Japanese member. She is known with her beautiful body line that was gained through doing ballet for a long time and her feminine aura like a delicate little princess. The inarticulate way of speaking that is different from her foreign aura and her unexpected gag potent shine as her cute charms. The surprise of neat and square-ish Korean writing from the foreign members including Mina has arouse nowadays.
#2-7. Extraordinary Energy of Craziness, 1998-born Dahyun
She received attention by being the female lead in GOT7’s ‘Stop Stop It’ music video. With a young face and pale skin, she catches everybody’s eyes with her similarity to tofu that matches well with her single eyelids. She is the member with daring personality that cannot be predicted, just like how she was in the popular ‘eagle dance’ in church that got famous.
#2-8. Is It a Must to Learn Such Way of Speaking While Going to Tutoring School? 1998-born Chaeyoung
Although she has the youngest age, she is in charge of being the charismatic rapper. Just like how she confidently wrote ‘drawing’ in the section of hobby in her profile, she has good dexterity. She received explosive response after a fanaccount of a fansign was uploaded onto online community: An unnie fan said, “Chaeyoung ah, if one’s pretty, everyone calls her as ‘unnie'”, Chaeyoung answered, “Then unnie you can continue to be called as unnie~”. There was such warm conversation circulating online.
Because there are many manipulated fanaccounts these days, we asked the company ourselves and the staff who was present (in the fansign) also said it was true as they could vaguely recall it. The company said, “We are thankful of people remembering it nicely despite of it being just a small anecdote.” Even though she is known as the ‘no-fun’ member in TWICE, we have a feeling that she will grow in to a sniper of fans’ hearts.
#2-9. All-kill Via Her Beauty, 1998-born Tzuyu
Taiwanese member that has been gathering attention by her flawless elegant appearance. She is also called as ‘JuHwee’ by fans according to her Korean name. [T/N: JuHwee is the pronunciation of Tzuyu’s Chinese name in Hanja] She has a catchphrase, “Let’s go to the mart” that she created herself. It’s a line that the other members imitate in Tzuyu’s way of speaking that is as elegant as her beauty. She is the tallest among the members. If you want to know how tall she is, she is this tall (referring to the picture below). 
She also revealed that she is in charge of body length in the team. It was said that she didn’t know how to speak in Korean at all before coming to Korea, but she has been studying it in a scarily quick speed. Despite being the maknae, she stands out with her poised patience.
#3. Idols’ Virtue, Beagleness [T/N: ‘Beagle’ is used in Korean as ability to be playful]
This is TWICE who has so many charms that it is like buffet. We very much understands Park Jinyoung producer’s desire of wanting to raise these 9 kids.
As a team that appeals with bright, healthy and friendly charms, TWICE was ready to go ruining (their image) since their debut. If we have to give a definition, it is the ‘beagleness’ that’s been used among fans. They even uploaded photos so that would make people think ‘is this really okay onto their official SNS. Though it feels like we would have such young sisters around us, there really are none. None.
TWICE who finished their debut album activities in November, is expected to focus on continuing their activities in Korea for the time being. It is said that to work hard on meeting Korean fans is their most important plan for the 2nd half of this year.
If ever you begin to be interested in TWICE now, we recommend you a intense ‘entering fandom’ course for you. If you watch TWICE TV that is being broadcast on naver TVcast, official instagram, ‘Like Ooh-ahh’ stage performances videos, Mnet’s ‘Sixteen’, you can have a very enjoyable ‘fandom-entering’ while falling into their lively charms. 
How would it be to start early on watching the growth of TWICE, who are like a lottery that definitely would win? Well you will certainly fall for them anyway.

Translated by: JypWhispers


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