In an interview she said that she wasn’t pretty when she smiles and because of that, she doesn’t find herself pretty. I hope that she realizes how pretty she it!
Twice Jungyeon
she also said during an interview how she was envious of the other members’ looks and that she thought that she didn’t fit it ㅠ
it’s because the cameras don’t capture her beauty so she doesn’t know how pretty she is
such a waste

she says that she isn’t pretty when she smiles so she’s always making derp facesㅠㅠ
but in reality, she’s really pretty
I really hope she realizes that she’s much more pretty
her cuteness and awkwardness are her charms
she’s the type of face I like!

  • she must not have a lot of confidence since her sister is Gong Seungyeon so people must tell how pretty her sister is all the time.. (+50,-0)
  • she’s really pretty though..she has an aura and during Sixteen, her hair cut was everything (+50, -0)
  • it’s because her hair is short now, but she’ll be prettier with long hair (+30, -1)
  • aura bb (+20, -0)
  • she’s really freaking pretty thoughㅠㅠ why doesn’t she find herself pretty??ㅠ(+12,-0)
  • Jungyeon has a short cut so she has a boy image but even if she’s in Twice, she’s still freaking pretty



Translated by: Pannchoa


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